Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

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On many sites, you can create an account: for example, in games — to save progress and achievements, in online stores – so as not to enter your data every time and see the order history. But how to check if the real owner is logged into the account? How to avoid hacking, the consequences of which may affect not only the user, but the entire system? Here the authentication mechanism comes to the aid of developers.

What is authentication?

Authentication in a broad sense is an authentication procedure. But it so happened that in the Russian language this word is usually used in relation to the field of information technology.

More specifically, authentication can be described as the process of identifying a user when logging into a service, in which he (the user) must confirm that he is the owner of this account.

From the user’s point of view, this process should be as secure as possible so that an attacker could not use the account, as well as as convenient as possible.

Do not confuse authorization and authentication

Authorization is the granting of rights to a certain person or group of persons to perform certain actions. Authorization can take place with or without pre-authentication.

What types of authentication exist on the Internet?

By password.


By email.

Using an electronic signature.

Biometric (by fingerprint or face).


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