SOLID architecture

SOLID architecture

SOLID architecture

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SOLID ARCHITECTURE This programming principle is necessary to create a scalable architecture for mobile applications. The scalable architecture of mobile applications is based on flexible, mobile technology. This makes it easier to upgrade, upgrade and expand if necessary. This universal programming principle is the established foundation on which the guiding principles of the architecture of mobile applications are based.


This is a minimalist programming principle that is based on the premise of preserving the simplicity of the technology stack or mobile architecture. The idea behind this principle is that the simpler the technical stack, the less likely unnecessary or costly errors will occur. Developing a mobile application architecture based on this principle requires as little coding as possible.

DRY architecture

This programming principle, like KISS, is based on simplicity. It is based on the assumption that reducing the number of repetitions in logical coding sequences or programming patterns will lead to fewer errors.


There are also several additional principles for developing the architecture of mobile applications; the most important of them are listed below:


Some developers apply the principle of CLEAN programming to the architecture of mobile applications. This principle, like its name, assumes a clear separation of application layers during development. As a result, these applications work independently of each other. This means that in case of any errors or necessary updates, this programming principle contributes to more flexible application development. It also reduces the need to recreate the development of a mobile application from scratch, since all application layers work independently of each other.

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