Network bandwidth or network strategy

Network bandwidth or network strategy

Network bandwidth or network strategy

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A well-designed mobile application architecture will contribute to the performance of the mobile application in various bandwidth conditions. No two mobile networks are the same, so the architecture of your mobile application must be designed to work in different network environments. The universal architecture of the mobile application will increase its convenience and functionality. The architecture of a mobile application built on these characteristics attracts a wider range of users who may have different network bandwidth capabilities.

Navigation strategy

Smooth and intuitive app navigation are the hallmarks of an efficient mobile app architecture. Navigating through the various elements of the mobile app should create an easy and pleasant user experience. The navigation method in a mobile application can be stack-based, modal, or single-view. Intuitive development of mobile applications requires the location and designation of navigation elements in the application. A good navigation design helps users to use the app functions intuitively.

An efficient mobile application architecture minimizes the frustration caused by cumbersome, time-consuming and unnecessary navigation elements. Poor navigation design annoys app users who may abandon your mobile app altogether! This frustration can be compounded by possible bugs that cause glitches, slow results, or errors when navigating the app.

By creating a logical sequence in the navigation interface, developers provide a pleasant and intuitive architecture of the mobile application (UX). The uncomplicated, intuitive navigation of the mobile application is always appreciated by its users! Navigation is one of the first user interactions with your mobile app, so it’s best to make this user experience (UX) as pleasant as possible for users.

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