Digital literacy

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What is digital literacy? This term has been heard recently, and its meaning can be assumed, but still most people do not understand what it is. In fact, digital literacy is the presence of skills in the digital space. And what these skills are and how we can apply them in real life, we will […]

Two-factor authentication

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On many sites, you can create an account: for example, in games — to save progress and achievements, in online stores – so as not to enter your data every time and see the order history. But how to check if the real owner is logged into the account? How to avoid hacking, the consequences […]

Top 10 most popular programming languages

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The average salary of Russian digital workers in 2020 amounted to 119 thousand rubles. And the average salary outside IT is about 51 thousand. In this article, we will try to figure out which programming language to associate our activities with in order to become a sought-after and highly paid IT specialist.

There are a huge […]