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The most important developer tool, of course, is the head, and the next most important is the code editor. Without it, no magic will work, because it is in the editor that developers bring the fruits of their thoughts in the form of lines of code.

A lot of programs have already been invented for programmers, and most of them are free, so there is something to choose from. The main thing is that the editor should be able to work with your programming language (or a set of languages) and that it should have support, that is, regular updates of the editor itself and plugins for it.

Here are a few code editors with which you can start getting acquainted with programming. All of them are popular in the professional community, support a wide range of YAP and can be customized using plugins.

  1. Sublime Text

A popular and easy-to-learn editor that is suitable for novice developers. Its distinctive feature is very fast loading. Therefore, Sublime Text is often used not only for editing code, but also for storing quick notes, especially since this programming application automatically saves all the contents of tabs when closed. Even if you forget to press Ctrl + S before exiting, the program will carefully save your work to its cache.


  1. Atom

A heavy-weight, but powerful editor that can be improved and customized indefinitely. For him, there are already about 13 thousand plugins that are able to cover all the imaginable needs of a novice programmer. And for everything else, you can write your own solution. That’s how the creators position this editor — hackable, that is, one that can be hacked, pumped.


By the way, the authors of this editor are GitHub, and the main version control tools are integrated into Atom out of the box. You can create a new branch or commit changes in a couple of clicks or hotkeys directly from the editor window. If you don’t really understand what we are talking about yet, don’t worry: we’ll talk about version control systems later. A source –

  1. Visual Studio Code

Another popular programming software is Microsoft development called Visual Studio Code, or VSCode for short. Like Atom, it contains integration with the version control system, as well as a built-in terminal, its own debugger and a set of tools for refactoring.

From the cons: the application takes a long time to load, but it works fast.

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