Top 10 most popular programming languages

Top 10 most popular programming languages

Top 10 most popular programming languages

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The average salary of Russian digital workers in 2020 amounted to 119 thousand rubles. And the average salary outside IT is about 51 thousand. In this article, we will try to figure out which programming language to associate our activities with in order to become a sought-after and highly paid IT specialist.

There are a huge number of directions in the field of IT: from the creation of games and applications to the development of robots that completely replace human labor. There is no programming language that would solve problems equally quickly for any of these areas. Therefore, it is important to understand that any lists of the best programming languages are subjective and usually based on how popular, versatile and comfortable the language is.

What programming languages are there

Before moving on to the top 5 programming languages, let’s find out what languages there are and what tasks they solve. To do this, we have selected 10 languages that are not similar to each other and will tell you a little about each. The sequence in this list is random — it’s not a rating yet. And then we will tell you which languages from the list are most popular among programmers.

Did you know that…

At the time of writing this article, there are more than 8000 programming languages! Some are used by a limited number of programmers, while others are in demand among millions of people.

Java language

A general-purpose programming language that consistently ranks high in popularity ratings. Java applications can run on any computer, a Java virtual machine has been created for this. Java is actively developing mobile applications for the Android operating system.

Such successful projects as RuneScape, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn are written in Java.

The disadvantages of Java are the slow operation of programs and the large consumption of RAM.

C language

Using the C language, they develop operating systems and real-time applications. It is also used as an intermediate when compiling higher-level languages.

The C language is complex and contains elements in which it is easy to make mistakes, it contributes to the creation of confusing and far from safe code. For 40 years of its existence, it has become outdated, and this significantly reduces its performance in our time.

The C syntax has become the basis for other programming languages: C++, Java, C# and Objective-C.

Python language

Python is easy to learn and is very often used when teaching programming to children — for example, at the Skysmart online school. Python programs are close to a natural language, so it is great as a first language for a novice programmer.

This is a very common language, a large number of projects have been implemented in it. Python is actively used at Google, most of the YouTube source code is written on it. It is also often used when creating robot machines.

Python’s strengths are modularity and the ability to integrate with other languages, and among the disadvantages are low speed and high memory consumption.

C++ language

This language is one of the most popular, it is widely used for software development. With its help, programmers create operating systems, various application programs, device drivers, applications for embedded systems and games. The C++ syntax is inherited from the C language.

Go language (golang)

The youngest on our list: its development began in 2007 inside Google as a replacement for C and C++. The popularity of Go has grown over the past few years, it occupies high places in the ratings of the most used programming languages.

C language#

The name of the language reads like “Si sharp”. It was developed in 1998-2001 within Microsoft to create applications.

C# belongs to the family of languages with C-like syntax, of which it is closest to C++ and Java. Therefore, C# has a rather complex syntax, which is considered a disadvantage.

Compared to C and C++, C# has secure code. C# works ten times slower than C.

Fortran language

This is an example of a highly specialized language. It is widely used for engineering calculations. A large number of programs and libraries of subroutines have been written in Fortran, for example, for matrix algebra, differential equations, integral equations, mathematical statistics and other disciplines. Such packages have been developed for many years, and some of them are still popular in the scientific field.

JavaScript language

Do not confuse it with Java — these are different and completely dissimilar languages.

JavaScript is used to create graphics, mobile and web applications, in browser operating systems. It is very versatile and quite easy to learn.

PHP language

It is widely used for creating web applications, leading in application for creating dynamic websites. PHP has undergone a rapid evolution and has become in demand among programmers. However, programmers often criticize it for inconsistent syntax.

Scratch Language

Designed for children and teenagers who are just starting to get acquainted with programming. You can use it to create simple applications and games. The Skysmart online school has a Scratch course where children learn to develop their own 2D games and cartoons. Source – Skysmart Online School:

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